Moon Trip Award – Karl M.

Congratulations to Karl M. from Jacksonville, Florida. Karl has traveled to the moon and back without an accident. 500,000 Miles! Karl has been with Raven since June 2011 and drives unit 12357. He is a proud member of Dave R.’s fleet. Karl is also retired from the U.S. Navy. Thanks for your service!

Karl Award
Karl & Matt

Moon Trip Award – Don H.

Congratulations to Don H. from Plant City, FL. Don received his 500,000 Safe Driving Award from Operations Manager, Matt. A half million miles is equivalent to a round-trip to the moon. Don recently became a part-timer at Raven sharing truck #12175 with a teammate. Don told me the weeks out and 2 weeks home is really working out well. The next time you see Don congratulate him!

Don Award
Don & Matt