Boy Scouts Visit Raven

There are more than 135 merit badges in the Boy Scouts of American organization and members from Troop 821 visited Raven’s home office this week to work on their Truck Transportation badge. The visit arrangements were made by Susan Sontag.

The merit badge process is no simple task. It requires research into the specific subject by visiting libraries, reading the merit badge pamphlet and speaking with experts on the subject. Members are expected to meet the requirements as stated in the pamphlet and show or demonstrate that they know the subject.

The visit started with a guided tour of the facility by David Teichert, several ‘in-cab’ seating’s in road tractors by Mike McDaniel who concluded with a ‘show and tell” presentation of the LNG gas tank. Doug Jennings picked up the visit explaining the general organization of Raven. He shared quality time reminiscing on his scouting days and his achievements while in the organization.

Finally, John Hansell finished the tour by explaining hours of service, federal regulations and hazmat, almost putting the entire troop to sleep with his exciting information.

Ms. Sontag passed out some tokens of appreciation at the tours conclusion and reflected that it was a good experience for the Boy Scouts as well as the employees of Raven.

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