Let Us Honor Our Veterans


On Veterans Day we honor all who answered the call to service.  Soldiers and Sailors, young and old, all of whom fought for home.  Brave and bold, some have lived, while others have died, ALL of them deserve our pride.  We’re proud of all military members, present and past, who kept thinking of red, white and blue.  They fought for us and our rights, they fought through many days and nights and though we may not know each name, we THANK ALL VETERANS just the same.

So, let us show our pride and thankfulness by wearing something that represents your favorite branch of service or if you don’t have a favorite, wear a green shirt to show ALL our Raven Veterans that we care about what they do or did, to keep our country free.


For our driving force, we have placed $25.00 on the card of every veteran to show our appreciation.  When you speak to these veterans, please be sure to thank them for their service. Let us not forget the sacrifice that the families of these brave souls endure and be sure to thank them as well.

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