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Happy Birthday

Did You Know Most Foster Kids Don’t Get Birthday Presents?

It seems like such a simple thing, but for most kids in foster care, their birthdays go completely unnoticed and is just another day without a forever family.

We have learned that many kids in foster care are forgotten on their birthdays, in part because the Department of Social Services doesn’t provide funds to pay for birthday parties or gifts. In addition, these kids are separated from their biological families, and the experiences that led them into foster care often involve some form of loss, trauma, or maltreatment. Social workers say that having their birthdays forgotten is especially difficult, given the level of challenges and losses these children have experienced already.

Some foster families and placements do celebrate their foster children on their birthdays. Others would do more if they had the resources to do so. And, unfortunately, some of these placements simply don’t do anything for the kids in their care.

Raven Transport will be conducting a “Birthday Toy Drive” as well as selling raffle tickets to raise funds to donate for the Foster Children Birthdays to be celebrated. You may purchase raffle tickets in support of this community project, we can help with payroll deductions for donations of $10 or more, or if you like to go shopping just pick out a toy and donate that toy for the children.

We need your help and support over the next three weeks, Buy Raffle Tickets to raise funds for the children at KIDS FIRST of FLORIDA.

Kids First OF Florida

So they can Celebrate their Special Birthday!


Raffle Tickets are $2 Each

Buy Raffle Tickets in the Office or send a Qualcomm Message to dispatch for a payroll deduction.


*ICONIA Tab 8 * tablet generously donated by John and Joyce  Parsons.  Winner announced 5/6/16

 *Lowe’s Gift Card $50- Winner Announced 5-13-16

*RaceTrac Gift Card $50 – Winner Announced 5-20-16

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