Goal Reached – Thank You!

Attention All Drivers:
Thank you and a great job high five from Raven’s sales team. We were just notified from NPPC out of Allentown, PA that due to your hard work, dedication, and safe driving, Raven has meet and exceeded our 97% on time goal. You all handled 1323 loads out of Allentown in 2015. Due to your great work we can expect a 15% increase in freight volume. Awesome job! Next time you’re in town, thank your office teammates who handle your loads in the northeast; Rose, Savanah, and William. Have a great day on the road. Stay Safe!

Thank You
Thank You

Moon Trip Award – Karl M.

Congratulations to Karl M. from Jacksonville, Florida. Karl has traveled to the moon and back without an accident. 500,000 Miles! Karl has been with Raven since June 2011 and drives unit 12357. He is a proud member of Dave R.’s fleet. Karl is also retired from the U.S. Navy. Thanks for your service!

Karl Award
Karl & Matt

Million Mile Award – Willie R.

Say Hello to Raven’s newest 1 Million Mile Safe Driver, Willie R. from Newberry, SC. Willie has been with Raven since November 2006 and drives LNG Unit #13106. He was in town and we took the opportunity to thank him with a custom made plaque, 24k gold and diamond ring, belt buckle, and pin. Awesome Job Willie!

Willie Award
Willie & Scott

Safety Training – Q1 2016

1st Quarter 2016 Safety Training subject will be Distracted Driving. You must physically complete the training before March 31, 2016 in order to qualify for the Safety Bonus Payout. All you need to do is see Jay, John, or Freddie anytime you visit the Jacksonville or Eden terminals. Each quarter we will have a different safety related subject. Please get it done early. Thank You!

Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving

Safety Bonus Opportunity 2016

Attention all Full-Time Active Drivers: Effective January 1, 2016: All full-time active drivers will be eligible to receive a safety bonus of one penny for all dispatched miles ran in each qualifying quarter. Hourly drivers will receive $300. Complete details and criteria on the program are available in Safety and with your Driver Manager.

Safety Bonus