Veterans Day 2017

The management team of Raven Transport would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all our fellow workers who have ever worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for answering the call of duty; thank you for your gallant courage; and thank you for the extraordinary sacrifices you and your families have made on our behalf in the name of freedom, liberty, and peace. To show our appreciation, we had a special VETERANS Raven Transport hats for all our vets.  Be sure to get yours.


2 Drivers Share 2 Million Miles

Timothy Carman

Tim has driven 2,076,296 Safe Miles in his 16 years with Raven Transport. He lives in Albany , GA with his wife of 31 years, Jayne. Tim and Jayne have three children and they have been blessed with 2 grandbaby girls which Tim loves to spend his spare time with. Tim is a Georgia Bull Dog fan and his inspiration to drive a truck comes from his father Bill Carman. It is truck drivers like Bill, Creekman/Hawkeye that make Tim proud to be a truck driver. Tim would like to say thank you to the great office staff here at Raven for helping to make him so successful.

Mack Washington

Mack has driven 2,344,162 Safe miles in his 17 years with Raven Transport. He and his best friend and
spouse Judy live in Doerun, Georgia and have been married for 38 years. They enjoy competing with
each other for the biggest fish caught in the pond on their property. They have a daughter who Mack
enjoys hunting and just being outdoors with. His favorite teams are Georgia Bulldogs and FSU. Mack is
grateful for all the good things that have happened in his life and gives that credit to his wife, Judy. He
likes to help those that are less fortunate than him. Mack’s driving career has made more aware than
ever of the importance of being a Raven Transport Team member and how important it is to be safe and
help to make the company successful.

SmartWay 2017 High Performer

Congratulations! Based on the performance of Raven Transport’s shipping and freight operations, EPA has named your company a 2017 SmartWay High Performer.  EPA commends Raven Transport for its continued efforts as a SmartWay partner and its contribution to a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry.

Ultimate CFO Honoree – Michele Baum

Our Own Ultimate CFO Honoree, Michele Baum


Michele Baum’s career with Raven Transport began 18 years ago. At the time, Raven was a small “over-the-road” transportation company, and Baum was tasked with overseeing a five-person executive management team. Under Baum’s leadership, Raven has grown significantly and now ranks among the top 220 truckload carriers in the country, producing $90 million in annual revenue.
The financial controls put in place by Baum during those early years certainly laid the groundwork for Raven’s nearly two decades of consistent growth. “I came to work [at Raven] with no job description, no former employee to follow in their footsteps,” Baum says. “My computer was totally blank … we built and designed our business from the ground up. Every spreadsheet, every job description, every internal control was developed by our management team and refined over the years.”
Baum has instilled a collaborative spirit at Raven that helped the company weather all the economic challenges a growing company could face during that time period, including one of the most significant recessions in history. “We have a very unique team as most of our non-driving associates have been with Raven for 10 plus years and our management team averages 18 years together,” Baum says. “Not many companies can say they have employee longevity like Raven.”
Baum says that she’s tried to keep her company up to speed on fast-changing industry trends and processes, incorporating new technologies and throughout the organization. And while the transportation industry can feel like a boys’ club, Baum’s been able to achieve great success, using her leadership qualities to inspire those around her. “Being successful in life means giving back and mentoring the next generation,” she says. “[The transportation industry] is a tough male-dominated industry and women have not always been welcomed and accepted … I would like to encourage and inspire women coming into the transportation industry to believe in themselves.”

Happy Memorial Day

Today we honor the brave men and women who died while defending this great country. We honor these heroes every day for their sacrifice to secure our freedom. Take a moment this Memorial Day to reflect on our valiant military service members who paid the ultimate price and never made it home. To all members of the United States Armed Services, past and present, on behalf of the Raven Transport organization, thank you for your service.


Boy Scouts Visit Raven

There are more than 135 merit badges in the Boy Scouts of American organization and members from Troop 821 visited Raven’s home office this week to work on their Truck Transportation badge. The visit arrangements were made by Susan Sontag.

The merit badge process is no simple task. It requires research into the specific subject by visiting libraries, reading the merit badge pamphlet and speaking with experts on the subject. Members are expected to meet the requirements as stated in the pamphlet and show or demonstrate that they know the subject.

The visit started with a guided tour of the facility by David Teichert, several ‘in-cab’ seating’s in road tractors by Mike McDaniel who concluded with a ‘show and tell” presentation of the LNG gas tank. Doug Jennings picked up the visit explaining the general organization of Raven. He shared quality time reminiscing on his scouting days and his achievements while in the organization.

Finally, John Hansell finished the tour by explaining hours of service, federal regulations and hazmat, almost putting the entire troop to sleep with his exciting information.

Ms. Sontag passed out some tokens of appreciation at the tours conclusion and reflected that it was a good experience for the Boy Scouts as well as the employees of Raven.